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  1. Arlington, VA
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Arlington Parking

We’re one block from the Clarendon metro stop. If you prefer to drive, there are two options for off-street parking:

  • Underground garage: we can validate parking for the underground garage. The entrance is behind the building at 1209 N Highland St. The fourth floor is key-card access only, so you will have to stop in the ground lobby to be let up by the concierge. If you need physical assistance or help getting to the fourth floor, please give us a call at 571-999-7973.
  • Surface lot: There is also parking available on the street and on a surface lot behind the building (accessible via N Highland St. or N Garfield St). These spots can be paid for using the ParkMobile app (we do not have a way to validate for street or surface lot parking). From the surface lot, you can walk around to the front of the building. You will have to stop in the ground lobby to be let up by the concierge.

Type 2 Diabetes Treatment Options

3 easy steps 

Meet Our Care Team


Book an appointment to visit our Arlington, Virginia office. You’ll meet your full care team, and we’ll set up your continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and Ryse Health app while you’re here.

Your Launch Journey


Over the course of your launch period, we’ll integrate seamlessly into your life via chat, email, video, or in-person if you prefer. Your team will consist of an endocrinologist, a diabetes educator, a health coach, a dietitian, and a behavioral health specialist. These experts will continually provide:

  • Day-to-day support 
  • Tips and tricks for management
  • Connection to peers on the journey with you 
  • Diabetes education
  • Expert, personalized coaching

Connect With Your Team


After your launch, we’ll continue to connect via app, phone, video, and in person. We will adjust your medications and our overall approach to your health based on what works for you.