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Top Endocrinologists For Type 2 Diabetes

Your trusted partner for diabetes care

If you are a medical provider with a type 2 diabetes patient, our team is here to help you. Ryse Health is a tech-enabled endocrinology practice dedicated solely to helping patients with type 2 diabetes. We can provide comprehensive diabetes care to newly diagnosed patients as well as patients with longer-standing diabetes who are not yet at goal. 

Your patient will receive:

  • A continuous glucose monitor, with in-person set up and teaching
  • Diabetes education from a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist 
  • Nutrition assessment and counseling
  • A medical consultation with an endocrinologist, who will help optimize the diabetes regimen, including using the latest therapies
  • Ongoing health coaching and easy access to the team through an app  

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How Ryse Health works with primary care providers  

It’s easy for providers to refer patients to Ryse Health - simply click the link above to schedule or refer a patient. 

We are not a primary care practice and value collaborating closely with primary care providers. We emphasize seamless flow of key information back to your office, where patients will receive their ongoing primary care. 

We understand how important it is for providers to partner with specialists they trust to offer a wonderful patient experience and the highest standard of care. Our innovative, tech-enabled model produces superior clinical outcomes and helps primary care providers excel on key process and outcome measures, while freeing up time for primary care physicians to focus on other important areas of the patient’s health.  

We strive to offer next-day appointments; if you have a patient who needs to be seen sooner than available via the website, call us at (571) 999-7973(opens in a new tab) and we will do our best to accommodate your patient. If you’d like more information on Ryse Health or to schedule a meeting with our team, you can email in a new tab).

Frequently asked questions

Which patients are eligible for Ryse Health?

At Ryse Health, patients with type 2 diabetes will benefit the most. The following patients who meet at least one of the below criteria will be eligible for treatment with our team: 

  • Type 2 diabetes patients on oral medications with an A1c >8%
  • Type 2 diabetes patients on insulin
  • Type 2 diabetes patients with a history of frequent ED visits for hypo- or hyperglycemia

Where are you located?

We currently serve the entire Washington, DC region from our office in Arlington, VA one block from the Clarendon Metro and our new office in Baltimore, MD at 3700 Koppers Street, Suite 510, Baltimore, MD 21227. The first visit is almost always in person, but a significant portion of subsequent care can be delivered virtually, making it more convenient for patients. 

How does Ryse work with primary care doctors?

We aspire to be a trusted specialty partner for primary care physicians. We will work with you and your practice staff to optimize communication about shared patients. Our focus on clinical outcomes makes us an ideal partner for PCPs participating in ACOs and other value-based models.